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100 Words

Jun. 30th, 2010 06:01 pm
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Title: 100 Words (...FFXIII edition?)
Fandom: Final Fantasy XIII
Pairing: Cid/Rygdea
Rating: G
Notes: Another couple of 100 word long drabbles using random prompts from people.

Blue Rose

Cid was surprised one morning to find a single flower sitting on his desk. The color was unique for the type—a blue rose? He made his way over, picking it up and inspecting it as if it would somehow give him the answer as to who sent it. Flowers didn't talk, of course, and it took him a few moments to look down to notice the note that had been laying next to the rose.

For when I'm not around and you can't look at my gorgeous blue eyes. Love, Ryg.

He shouldn't have wondered in the first place.

Chocobo Racing

Rygdea was a betting man. This, Cid knew all too well. What he didn't know was why he thought it was possibly a good idea to go on a spontaneous trip to Nautilis ("C'mon, three days leave, it's party time!"), considering the chocobo racing held there. Leaving his subordinate alone for a mere half an hour was an even bigger mistake. Twenty thousand gil lighter now, Rygdea could only mutter about cheating and unfairness and drugged gyshal greens before grabbing the taller man by the wrist and dragging him off towards the ferris wheel. Cid would be paying, of course.


It isn't just freedom he's lost since becoming a l'Cie. Along with it went almost any sense of wonderment he'd had with many of the sights in Cocoon. Cid has never liked the Fal'Cie, especially now, but the thoughts came even more to the forefront now. How was he to enjoy the glimmer of the setting sun's rays on the water below when it was all Fal'Cie controlled, all artificial? He wishes that for just for a few brief moments he could be a child again, enjoying things for what he saw it as, not for what it really was.


He really had no idea why Rygdea had bothered getting him a camera for his birthday when Rygdea was getting more use out of it than himself. The shorter man acted like a child, snapping pictures of anything and everything and only stopping when Cid threatened to break it if he had to deal with any more bright flashes during work.

It was when he was retrieving the camera from Rygdea's room that he noticed pictures of himself on the desk that he hadn't remembered Rygdea taking. Pictures of him sleeping. He couldn't decide if it was creepy or sweet.


"Pets are not allowed on the Lindblum."

"Aww, why not?"

"...It's a warship."

"Your point being?"

"No animals. Stop asking. Making sad eyes isn't going to work this time."

Much to his surprise, the conversation seemed to have actually ended the nagging and pestering Rygdea had been torturing him with for the past hour. The subject seemed to have come out of nowhere, but Rygdea's mental processes were something better left unexamined.

Knowing that, though, he shouldn't have been surprised when he found a leash and collar sitting on his bed a week later with a homemade tag reading 'Cid'.



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