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Jul. 24th, 2010 02:34 pm
[identity profile] electrumicity.livejournal.com posting in [community profile] bifolding
Title: Nostalgia
Fandom: [livejournal.com profile] timeandtides, Final Fantasy XIII
Rating: G
Notes: Wrote this a while back. TnT-verse. Cid muses/angsts/is himself during the Garden Festival and misses what he used to have. Headcanon included.

What was it with firework shows as of late? It didn't feel so long ago that Bodhum was having its own little festival on the precipice of the storm. Though the Lindblum was stationed in Bodhum airspace, he hadn't the time nor the urge to go enjoy the spectacle; too many things were happening, too many pieces falling into place, and he couldn't afford the distraction.

Now was different. He stood there, watching the sky, the show having just started. It almost made him feel homesick, in a way, a sort of feeling that he wasn't quite used to. The closest he had ever gotten to it before was in the early days of military academy, when he was away from his family for the first time. Though he kept telling himself that anything was better than dealing with his father's grumpiness and his older brother's complete idiodicy, it hardly stopped him from missing even them.

Home came with it comfort. As he grew up, the military had become it; the Cavalry, the Lindblum. It wasn't a traditional kind of family or home at all, but it was what it was. He belonged there and had a purpose, even if that purpose had become horribly skewed.

Cid leaned back against the wall he was standing by as he watched the fireworks explode against the night sky. Rygdea would enjoy this, he thought. He always liked shiny spectacles like this. And he sighed, realizing that he was getting even more homesick just thinking about his second in command.

People, of course, were home as well. The simple fact was hitting him now. For all he had ever distanced himself and kept to himself the past several years, he couldn't be alone no matter how hard he tried as long as Rygdea had anything to say about it. He'd chosen Rygdea to join him because of his ideals and motivation, not because he intended to truly be his friend, but there it was.

And it was quiet. Too damn quiet. A week and a half without the man's constant bothering him over one reason or another, trying to drag him out to somewhere or other to relax, or even just him sitting in his office to bother him when he was trying to get work done... Rygdea was a loud person. He had always been. The man was a complete foil to Cid, perhaps a factor in how they led the Cavalry together so well. It was amazing, Cid thought, how easily they got along despite being such different people.

Now, that loudness was gone, and the silence was deafening. What noise the fireworks made now didn't make a difference. It wasn't the whirr of the Lindblum's engine nor an accented voice telling him that he was going to drag him out of the office by his cape if he didn't stop going through paperwork past midnight.

He wasn't as self-sufficient as he thought, he supposed. Right now, he would allow himself this moment of sentimentality before trying to forget what he had apparently been so dependant on in the past.



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