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Title: 100 Words (...second go-around for FFXIII?)
Fandom: Final Fantasy XIII
Pairing: Cid/Rygdea
Rating: PG
Notes: Idk. Randomly felt like writing drabbles. So here. Dedicated to Kym. :D Oh yeah, and the third one is an AU where Chapter 12's events didn't...happen the way they did :|

First kiss

Cid's head was spinning, but that might have been due to the fact that a gloved fist had just hit it. His subordinate stood before him, eyes blue flames as he ranted about how selfish Cid was, how he was sick of all the secret keeping, sick of all the moping around alone in his office when he thought no one was looking. Before the Brigadier General could get another word out, however, his mouth was overtaken by a pair of lips slamming against his own. Hardly what a first kiss should be like, but this was Rygdea, after all.


"I'm not drinkin' that shit."

"...It is tea. It will help you."

"It's watery crap! That's not a—a---achoo!"

Rygdea stared at the older man with tired eyes as he grabbed a tissue, blowing his nose loudly. While he rarely ever got sick, it seemed that a simple case of being caught in a rain storm for too long had done him in. He glowered at Cid like a sullen child as the mug of hot tea was offered to him again.

"Fine, I'll drink your damn girly stuff," he muttered as he finally gave in. Stupid pompous bastard.


Running a hand across the soft, kitted fabric, Cid raised an eyebrow as he regarded the gift he had just been given. While he wasn't sure what he had been expecting when Rygdea mentioned he'd got him something... A scarf?

"It's cold here now," Rygdea mumbled, waving his hand at the snow out the window of their small house in Oerba. "Figured...since you don't have your dumbass uniform anymore..."

Cid raised an eyebrow.

"Aw, come on! It's not like I knitted the damn thing!" the brunet protested. But the red on his cheeks that wasn't from the cold said enough.


A realization that he'd left an important piece of paperwork back in his quarters led Cid back to his room in the early afternoon. Stretching his arms out a little behind him, he opened the door, stepping inside and looking at the sight before him.

The tidy room he used to have? Barely that anymore. The bed sheets were half off the bed, bed undone. Clothes littered the floor, most of them not even his own. And the half empty bottle tossed carelessly halfway across the room...

Rygdea was really going to need to learn how to clean for once.


Patience and hotheadedness. Professional and casual. A calm expression and a wide grin. The two men couldn't be any more different, and yet, matched together, it somehow worked. Cid couldn't quite understand it; the whole "opposites attract" theory rarely ever worked in practice, but there they were, defying logic and everything he ever thought he would have wanted in a person. Rygdea was so different from him, and yet, he found himself tolerating his quirks much more easily than he would have originally thought.

No, he realized. It wasn't that they were opposites. It was simply that they complemented each other.
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