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Nov. 21st, 2010 02:37 pm
[identity profile] electrumicity.livejournal.com posting in [community profile] bifolding
Title: Ocean
Fandom: Final Fantasy XIII
Pairing: Cid/Rygdea
Rating: PG
Notes: Cheese. Utter. Utter. CHEESE. Written for Kym. Because she is teh awesome.

"If I was some sort of cheesy romantic, I could start some kind of ballad about how your eyes are the same color as the sea."

An eyebrow raised in amusement as said eyes moved to glance at the speaker. "Huh. Now that'd be somethin' to hear, but save it for when I can record it. Might as well have something to laugh at when I'm feelin' down."

Cid shoved Rygdea's shoulder, though there was no lack of amusement in his own eyes. "How sweet of you. Remind me never to confess my undying love for you, lest I only receive laughter in return."

"Aw, c'mon, that's not what I meant!" the younger man responded with a shove in turn. "Feel free to. It'd be kinda interesting."

The sun had only just risen, but the water was already reflecting a deep cerulean. Bodhum's beaches were a sight to behold, and that is why Rygdea had insisted that they go there for at least a few hours, even if it meant having to wake up incredibly early in order for it not to interfere with their duties.

Silence fell for some time, the two men choosing to simply sit there and stare out at the shimmering water. It wasn't often that they found themselves on the surface, after all.

"They do remind me of the sea, however, moreso than the sky," Cid murmured almost absentmindedly. "To be honest, despite spending most of my time up in the air, I used to love the ocean. If the military had a sea fleet, and I did not have my duties and my purpose, I would likely want to be there."

The sudden confession caused Rygdea to continue his silence, now because he wasn't quite sure what to say. "Interesting... But, hey. We're here now. We don't have a boat or anythin', but why don't we go swimmin'?"

Cid's head turned to face him. "Swimming? In our uniforms?"

"Nah, you idiot. Take it off. Ever heard of skinnydippin'?" Even as he spoke, Rygdea was standing up and starting to take the pieces of his uniform off.

There really was no arguing with his younger lover, no matter how much Cid tried. All he could do now was go along with it, at least for a little, and let himself be enveloped by both the water and Rygdea's eyes alike.



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