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Title: Magic Fingers
Fandom: Voltron, Final Fantasy XIV
Pairing: Klance
Rating: PG
Notes: Because paladins like to play video games.

Their last run of Palace of the Dead had been a little...strenuous, to put it in one way. The rest of their runs so up to that point had been pleasant, even with lack of heals at certain levels. In fact, they'd been downright lucky from 20-30 and 30-40 with four DPS. Titan truly was the MVP. Unfortunately, an awful tank had caused their latest run to crash and burn.

Lance was hardly surprised when Keith began to complain of a headache. He himself was starting to feel the beginnings of pressure by his forehead. Much as he enjoyed playing this game, the blue paladin knew that it was time to call it a night. After saying his goodbye to Talon, he exited the game and set his computer into sleep mode before heading off to one of the other rec rooms to fetch his boyfriend.

It had been Lance's idea to play this MMO in separate rooms to give them more of the actual experience (that, and it'd cut down at yelling at each other in an enclosed space). They were all in the same hallway, so it didn't take long for him to reach his boyfriend.

Keith hadn't logged out yet, looking as if he was torn between doing so and getting his character to 50. Unsurprised that he would be considering working through a headache just to hit a goal, Lance strolled over and reached right over Keith's shoulders, swatting his hands away before typing on his keyboard.

I'm taking Keith to bed before he passes out, later Talon, good luck with the rest of PotD

Ignoring Keith's sound of complaint, he logged his character out. Gently, he tugged him away from the computer and towards their room.

"Seriously, babe, you got into this even more than me. Sleepy times now, though," he said as he led the grumpy paladin back to their room. Keith hadn't said a word yet aside from some vague grumbles, but that was fine. By the time they were back to their room (Lance's room, technically, which they shared now to save the problem of Lance moving in all of his beauty products into another bathroom), Keith was at least sentient enough to strip down to his boxers without Lance having to tug them off of him.

That run had really taken it out of him.

Lance tugged him to sit down on their bed, settling himself behind him. "I promised you a scalp massage, yeah?" he reminded him. And Lance always kept his promises. After the slight sound of affirmation, the teen reached up to place his hands on the mullet he had grown to love so much.

A small groan emanated from Keith as Lance began to work on him, fingers rubbing in small circles against his head. Having done this plenty of times for his siblings and mother before, he knew all the little tricks to alleviate pain. It wasn't long before Keith was putty in his hands, and Lance couldn't help but smile fondly. Keith didn't relax nearly often enough, so Lance was proud when he managed to be the cause of when he finally did.

"Feeling better, cariƱo?" he murmured into his ear after about ten minutes. Lance's fingers were beginning to ache slightly, so he wanted the status update.

His only answer was a soft snore.

The smile on Lance's face widening, he gently pulled his boyfriend into bed, settling himself down next to him before pulling the blankets over them. Wrapping an arm around his waist, he leaned in to give him a soft kiss on the forehead.

"Told you I had magic fingers," he whispered before following him to slumber.



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